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Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Do you agree that Sylvester Pemberton is a bit of a mess right now? After witnessing him burn a grocery shop as he rashly attacked Sportsmaster and Tigress, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion about what his motivation was. This is about a lot more than Starman becoming a superhero after being a pampered affluent kid. The man is going through a lot, and it’s not just because the episode of Stargirl from last week finished with him being thrown into the air like a rag doll. The guy is going through a lot for a lot more reasons than that.

Look, I understand it. Sylvester Pemberton is having a difficult time adjusting to his resurrected state despite his best efforts. He had a second chance at life, but there was no life for him to have a second chance at. His loved ones and his previous colleagues have all passed away, and his cherished Cosmic Staff has been entwined with that of a fresh saviour. After he was gone, life continued on. He still has his old companion Pat, but whenever they are together, it serves as a continual reminder of how far his life has progressed without him. Pat has just acquired a new family as well as new members of the heroic cast. Even though they have all made it clear that they are happy to have Sylvester back in their midst, the fact that you can now see them clearly demonstrates that things have evolved.

It did not escape my attention that Sylvester did not go on the family camping vacation, despite the excellent opening montage that was included in the debut of the new season. The Dugan-Whitmore family has just returned from a vacation in Yellowstone, but it quickly becomes clear that Sylvester was left behind. The new season opens with this revelation. (Here’s a fun fact: if you want to know what transpired on this outing with the family, all you have to do is read the Earth-Prime: Stargirl tie-in comic.) This vacation was taken by the family not long after Eclipso was vanquished, which indicates that Pat and Sylvester hadn’t been apart for very long by this point in time.

Just give that some thought for a second. After a very lengthy search, Sylvester finds his way back to Pat, and shortly thereafter, Pat packs up his family and heads out for a camping vacation. For his part, Sylvester didn’t appear to be concerned by this at all on the surface, but I have no choice but to think that deep down he was suffering from it. When the Dugan-Whitmore family reappears, everyone is happy and joking about, revealing a connection that Sylvester was unable to experience.

It will take some time for Starman to become used to everything. The previous wealthy is now forced to sleep in a basement, and he must come to terms with the idea that his sidekick Pat is no longer the helpless person he once knew him to be. In addition to this, he is struggling with survivor’s guilt, in which he holds himself responsible for the deaths of his friends. When he broke down and started crying on the couch in “Frenemies – Chapter Two: The Suspects,” we got a glimpse of part of this. Also, let’s not overlook the way in which the Shade worked his charm on him either. Sylvester was informed by the former member of the Injustice Society that the only person who attended his burial was Pat, and that no one wanted him to return. Those comments undoubtedly felt like the truth to a man who had no life to return to and who watched as everyone else moved on without him because he had no life to return to.

The fact that Crusher and Paula Crock reside next door to Sylvester may be entertaining for the audience, but it is quite likely to be rather traumatic for Sylvester. Because we were fans of the programme, we were able to see the transformation of Sportsmaster and Tigress from adversaries to comrades to crazy neighbours, which made the change easier for us to accept. That privilege was not extended to Sylvester. He was not present when Crusher uncomfortably bonded with Pat or when Paula and Barbara had their conversation about how difficult it is to raise teenagers. When Sylvester saw the Crocks for the last time, they were in the process of killing his closest buddies.

Keeping this in mind makes it easier for us to comprehend Sylvester’s state of mind. Both Sportsmaster and Tigress are more than simply former evildoers; they are also complicit in the murder of Starman’s old colleagues. According to Sylvester, these individuals are to blame for the current state of affairs in his life, which he views as a complete mess. The Crocks are not only free to go around as they choose, but Pat has also invited them to live with him as if they were longtime companions. As though the precursor to the Justice Society had no significance. Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman

If you were Sylvester, you’d probably feel the same way, wouldn’t you? Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman

I’m not arguing that Starman had the right to assault the Crocks and wreck the grocery shop in any way, shape, or form. (However, if I’m being completely honest, I’m glad he did since that battle scene was awesome.) The choices that Sylvester made were foolish, and the man has a lot riding on his shoulders at the moment. It is possible that it would not be in anyone’s best interest to entrust him with something as potent as the Cosmic Staff. On the other hand, severing even one of the few ties that he still maintains to his previous life is likely to drive him into a deeper depression. There is no easy way out of the complicated problems that Sylvester is facing.

To tell you the truth, I’m still not one hundred percent certain that this person is the genuine Starman. It’s possible that it’s an impostor, but it might also be someone else who has been programmed to believe they are Sylvester. Since I was a kid, I’ve been reading comic books, and over that time, I’ve realised that I should always be wary of resurrections. The plot of “The Return of Barry Allen,” which appeared in The Flash in 1993, took a very similar course. The resurrection of Barry Allen, who had been thought to have been killed off, was accompanied by strange and unpredictable behaviour on his part. It was revealed that he was indeed Thawne hiding under a mask.

It’s possible that I’m being overly concerned about this situation. Perhaps this person is the actual Starman. At this point, it’s important to emphasise that I have the same level of insight about upcoming episodes as you have. I have no idea who was responsible for the death of the Gambler, nor do I know what is going on with Sylvester. To tell you the truth, I didn’t rule Sylvester out as a possible culprit until the very end of the most recent episode. Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman

It is essential for all of us to have a complete understanding of the motivations behind Starman’s conduct this season. I am in no way attempting to justify any of his behaviour. It is not simple to experience total devastation while being compelled to press on with life. However, as Stargirl has shown, Blue Valley is a location where one may start again and make fresh starts. Out of the ashes of the last Justice Society, a new one has risen to take its place. We’ve witnessed villains like Shiv struggle for what they believe to be right. Although Starman may have lost his previous existence, I believe that he now has the chance to construct a life that is even more fulfilling.

As long as he doesn’t destroy everything before he comes to that conclusion, everything should be OK.

The CW airs the DC television series Stargirl every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. CST). Visit our official Stargirl series website for all the most recent information on Blue Valley. Stargirl Unpacking the Return of StarmanStargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starmanvv

Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman
Stargirl Unpacking the Return of Starman

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