GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees- Are Tired Of Babysitting Other People’s Kids

GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees For years, American corporations have been increasingly cutting back on employee benefits. paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plans have all taken hits as companies seek to save money. So it’s no surprise that some employers are now asking their workers to do things that are not strictly part of their job descriptions – like babysitting other people’s kids.

GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees

It’s no secret that parents often take their kids to GameStop to buy or rent video games. You may not know that some employees feel like they’re being asked to babysit these kids while their parents shop.

This has led to the creation of the term “GameStop daycare”, which refers to employees being left to deal with unruly children while their parents browse the store. Some employees have even taken to social media to complain about this issue.

While it’s understandable that parents may want to take their kids to a place like GameStop, it’s important to remember that the employees are not babysitters. If you bring your child into the store, please be respectful of the staff and make sure your child is well-behaved.

Describe. GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees

It’s no secret that GameStop employees are often tasked with more than just selling video games. Employees are not uncommon to act as de facto babysitters for other people’s children.

This phenomenon has been dubbed “GameStop daycare” by some, and it’s something that employees are understandably tired of. Not only is it a distraction from their main job duties, but it also puts them in the position of dealing with other people’s children, which is not something they signed up for.

It’s unclear why parents feel comfortable leaving their kids at GameStop, but it’s become a common enough occurrence that employees have started to speak out about it. In a recent Reddit thread, one employee shared their frustrations about being constantly asked to watch other people’s kids, saying:

“I’m so sick of being asked to babysit other people’s kids. I’m not getting paid to do this, and it’s really not my responsibility. If you can’t afford daycare, then don’t have kids.”

Other employees echoed this sentiment, with one saying that they had even been asked to change a diaper before. It’s a situation that clearly isn’t ideal for


It’s no secret that parents are struggling to find affordable, quality child care. But what’s lesser known is that some employers are being asked to pick up the slack.

GameStop is the latest company to come under fire for its child care policies, or lack thereof. According to a recent report, employees of the video game retailer are struggling to deal with the increasing number of children being brought into stores by their parents.

While GameStop does not have an official daycare program, employees say that they are often left to babysit other people’s kids while their parent’s shop. This has led to frustration and resentment among some workers, who feel they are being asked to do too much.

GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees
GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees

It’s unclear what GameStop plans to do about this issue, but it’s clear that something needs to be done. Parents should not leave their kids with strangers, and employees should not be forced into a position where they have to babysit. Hopefully, this situation can be resolved soon so that everyone can go back to enjoying their shopping experience at GameStop.

GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees GameStop Daycare Is A Thing And EmployeesGameStop Daycare Is A Thing And EmployeesGameStop Daycare Is A Thing And Employees

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